Herrafaresiah Persians


Hello and Welcome to my site. 
 My name is Helen our cats are  F.A.B P.K.D tested Negative by the university of Bristol, we have also this year 2016 tested with Langford for P.R.A and as we update our site this will be shown under our cats. Showing with the GCCF and looking forward to our fist Tica show later this year. Our prefix is registered with the gccf and Tica.

  I have lived in Nottingham all my life and have four adult children and 13 grand children, some of our grandsons enjoy and excal in the world of sports. 
 my love is the pure bred 3/5/13 English pedigrees and have worked hard over the past  years to bring these rare lines back as most were lost to PKD.  I also love the  International pedigrees. A big thank you to all of you that have trusted us with your lovely kittens over the year.
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