Herrafaresiah Persians


All our girls are P.K.D DNA Vet tested Negative at Bristol. PRA tested from October 2016 paper work held by our vet.

Herrafaresiah Blue Hawaii  Blue/cream, (13) PRA Normal at Langford

Herrafaresiah Verity

Herrafaresiah Bubbles Devere  Blue/cream (13) PRA Normal at Langford, Retired 

Gemkin Pretty Eyes

Champion Herrafaresiah Goldie Horne (red) PRA Normal at Langford. Goldie is now a lap cat/show neuter.

Herrafaresiah Faith

Herrafaresiah Waikiki, Blue, Ch Herrafaresiah Arizona x Herrafaresiah Faith. Waikiki had a good day at the blue pesians show 3/11/12 winning Overall Best In Show.
Thank you to her Judges. Now living with Julie, Waikiki Retired in 2014.

  The Blue Persian Show.
Q,T had a good day winning Best In Show Kitten and a red card day.

The Shropshire Show 2/2/13
Q,T had a great day winning Best of Variety Kitten and a red card day.

The Cream, Blue/Cream Show 2/3/13
Another lovely day winning Best In Show.
1st CC,BB, and 5 x first.

Thank you to all her Judges.

Q,T Do Vouge (13)
Ch Herrafaresiah Don Diego x Herrafaresiah Bubblesdvere.
PRA normal at Langford.

Herrafaresiah Moulin Rouge (13)
CH Herrafaresiah Don Diego x CH Gemkin Prettyeyes.
PRA normal at Langford.

Kalyson Snow Storm.
Lafrebella Kismet X Lafrebbella Maisie.
(picture to follow)

Annashirbella Backto Black
Picture to follow.
PRA Normal at Langford

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